Invest in Ginger for Women Farmers

Rockflower Commitment: Fund UCF to better afford staff, marketing development, equipment to ensure environmentally sustainable farming technologies, and the microloans of ginger rhizomes.
Location: Uganda

Uganda Community Farm is an agricultural nonprofit that promotes food security and environmental protection in over 1,300 villages in rural Uganda. UCF’s creative commitment to fighting poverty aims to market the ginger from thousands of farmers in one bundled package. Given the high demand for ginger in bulk, and the profitability of the commodity, UCF will bring together over 2,600 women-farmers in the Kamuli and Buyende regions of Uganda to increase production of ginger. Farmers will be eligible for a microloan of 20 kg of ginger rhizomes, which in turn yields over 2,000 kg of produced ginger in the first year. Today, the vast majority of agriculturalists in Kamuli and Buyende live on roughly on a dollar a day. UCF projects that in the first two years farmers can potentially earn a livelihood of roughly fourteen dollars a day. This sustainable increase in income will allow more women and girls to afford costs associated with school, health, and food security.

UCF encourages social impact investing and projects 100% financial self-sufficiency by the second year.

About Uganda community farm

The Uganda Community Farm is a community agriculture project that aims to equip Uganda’s rural poor with the knowledge & skills to lift themselves from extreme poverty in a self sufficient way.

Our approach is twofold, provide rural poor farmers with initial ginger rhizomes along with sufficient organic fertilizers and technical training on ginger growing and pool together these farmers’ ginger produce and market it under a single umbrella. This gives the small farmers an opportunity to have a combined production that can attract larger buyers—such as wholesale grocers and bottling companies—enabling the farmers to get better prices and high-value markets that they couldn’t access before.


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