Youth Economic Empowerment Project

Rockflower Commitment: Fund expansion of full-time teaching staff, communication and media efforts, agricultural tools, and tech equipment as well as a loan system targeted at women and girls.
Location: Liberia

The Youth Economic Empowerment initiative aims to promote self-sufficiency and employability of young women within Liberia’s most vulnerable population. Roughly 64% of the country’s population is between the ages of 18 and 35, including women eager to work and contribute to their country’s economic and human development. YEE provides small-business training classes that teach young women entrepreneurship, tenacity, and financial independence. This educational opportunity will open doors for young women interested in agribusiness, farming, textiles, computer literacy, and more. YEE’s sustainability plan issues interest-free loans to female entrepreneurs to encourage self-employment and financial responsibility. In a country afflicted with systemic gender-based violence and inequality, the education and employment of girls is a paramount stepping-stone towards development.

The earlier women take control of their future, and create innovative economic success for themselves and their families, the sooner the livelihoods of every community member will improve.


About Youth Bridge Liberia

Youth Bridge Liberia's mission is to build a society where youth can be seen as future generational leaders thereby preparing them for national responsibilities in post war liberia. After the 14 years of war, young people continue to struggle for a better future where they remain vulnerable in their quest for a better life in Liberia. Through building vocational and trade related institutions for them we can assist in creating a better life for them. 

Youth Bridge-Liberia focuses on youth in agriculture for a hunger free environment in post war Liberia as well as advocating for gender based rights and reduction of violence towards women and girls.


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