Shallow Wells for Water Security

Location: Arusha, Tanzania


The project is located in Mkonoo village, Lemara Ward in Arusha, a very dry place throughout the year with occasional rains.

The majority of people are subsistence farmers who plant drought resistant crops such as millet, sorghum, sweet potatoes and cassava whilst a few keep livestock.

There is an acute water problem in the area as the local population rely on the sparse rains or travel long distances in search of water. Some households get water from shallow dams which is shared with animals and people. This can be particularly difficult during the rainy season when the water is contaminated with human and animal waste. However when there is no other option people must drink this water.

The average time spent fetching water is 1 to 3 hours round trip per day and it is mostly done by women and children.

Project Objectives

  • To permanently provide clean water to 300 households within the vicinity and to help families save time wasted in looking for water and direct it to other productive activities. To enable women to take care of children and those school age children to return to school and learn.

  • To generate income for members through the establishment of water kiosks that will provide/sell water to the community at a small fee.

Members of the target group are board members of Mategemeo Women Association who have played a critical role in identifying the challenges that women face in terms of getting water and food for their households and actively participated in devising a solution through their proposal to sink 4 shallow wells and establish 2 water kiosks to sell water in the community.

The target group will directly participate in mobilizing resources including identification of land where the shallow wells and water kiosks will be established. They will also donate labour and cash for the project’s implementation.

The target group will collect money from water kiosks (water being sold at a small fee) to meet the costs of maintenance of wells and kiosks. Money collected from target group as membership fees will also be used to meet other operational costs of the organization and the project.

The organization will also assist in the establishment of village water user committees. The village water user committees will be the custodians of the shallow water wells and water kiosks.

The project will aim to promote equity in participation and benefit for all groups targeted in this project. The community members will be trained on gender and social inclusion to try and break down traditional barriers. In addition, the approach will ensure that women and members of the excluded groups are proportionally represented on all community decision making positions/forums.

This project will promote the active participation of primary stakeholders before, during and after the implementation of the project using Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and other appropriate methods. To ensure the active participation and engagement of the target population, significant knowledge sharing, training and provision of information to village water user committees will be enhanced. These will include support in the following areas: - project management, book keeping, project monitoring & evaluation and leadership skills development.

Project Partner:

Mategemeo Women Association

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