Rain Garden in Niger

Location: Niger


Niger is ranked by the UNDP as the poorest country in the world and Tillaberi bordering Mali, is one of the most food insecure regions in the country. Women and children in particular suffer, as men often depart after the fall harvest to find work in other countries. While they are away women and children must fend for themselves. The women of Tirboye, our partners for this proposal are enthusiastic gardeners, with a history of farming millet. As the Sahel dries, yearly rainfall - that only falls in June - August is more and more often not enough to support crops for one season. 

However, like many Nigeriennes, they have never grown vegetables or learned about nutrition, crop diversification or organic farming techniques. Our mission is to equip them with the skills and opportunities that will enable them to provide nutritional food to their families, decrease illness through improved hygiene and grow cash crops for profit.

Project Objectives

The Rain4Sahara Greening the Sahel project would help women take the first critical steps toward self-sufficiency by:

  1. Building a community garden for a cooperative of 60 women. A well and drip irrigation expands the yearly growing from a single questionable season to 3 seasons. 

  2. Providing equipment and training in organic techniques, diversified crops, growing and selling cash crops, production of fruit, hygiene and nutrition.

Our pilot project for a women’s garden in Mari, Tillaberi has 100 members and has reported increased food security, general well being, and income. In fact, the garden is doing so well that participants are able to donate food to their local school. 

Project Partner:

Rain for Sahel and Sahara

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