Peace Clubs Student Empowerment Program

Location: Tanzania

The Peace Clubs Student Empowerment Project focuses on promoting peace in secondary schools. In particular, this program will provide young girls  a platform to learn skills, exchange experiences and apply the knowledge of what peace means and looks like in everyday life.

Tanzania is known as a paradise of peace in the continent of Africa, having not suffered civil war since independence in 1961. However, gender based violence is becoming increasingly prevalent as is the influx of weapons from neighboring countries threatens to destabilize the country.

This project will establish five peace clubs with 50 members in each in 5 secondary schools - reaching a total of 250 students, who will in turn train 10 people. Total reach of lives affected will be 2,500. By promoting the role of girls and women as peace facilitators and leaders, the project will focus on the role of conflict, violence, gender based conflict, communication and the journey to reconciliation through restorative justice and forgiveness.

Project Partner:

Hope for Children in Adversity

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