takhar education initiative

Rockflower Commitment: Provide funding to create access to education for over 600 girls. 
Location: Takhar Province, North East Afghanistan

The Takhar Education Initiative is an Afghan Connection initiative to support education for children, and in particular girls. AC works in traditional rural communities where historically education for girls has been almost non-existent. So, in order to make this project viable, it has been developed in a culturally sensitive manner. The education of girls is a new concept and the key objective has been to create schooling environments that will give parents confidence to send their daughters to school.

How has the Afghan Connection done this in Worsaj? The Afghan Connection builds separate schools for older girls with surrounding walls for privacy – in this way more parents are happy to let the girls go to school and complete their education. AC also funds teacher training and while this is open to both men and women, there is a strong take up by women. This is important in Afghanistan, as fathers are reluctant to let their daughters be educated by men once they reach puberty.  


About Afghan connection

Afghan Connection has over 16 years’ experience successfully funding education, health and sports projects in Afghanistan, one of the toughest working environments in the world. When Afghan Connection was set up in 2002, the Taliban had only just been overthrown and huge educational challenges lay ahead.

Only a million children were in education and less than 5,000 were girls. Sixteen years on, 9 million children are in school of which nearly 3 million are girls. Afghan Connection has played its part in this transition with the funding of 41 school construction projects for over 50,000 children, many of whom have illiterate parents.

However the Afghan Connection doesn’t just build classrooms. Its education program has evolved considerably over the past decade and the experience of working in Afghanistan has led this non-profit to find solutions to the problems that stop children from both accessing and completing an education.


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