organic farm project

Rockflower Commitment: Support land acquisition and long-term income generation
Location: Moshi, Tanzania

Rockflower partnered with The Children of Destiny Foundation to explore opportunities for income generation through the provision of land for organic farming. Not only will this provide food for the children but will involve other women in the community to participate in an income generating farming program, through which the whole community can participate.

Having their own land will alleviate the pressure of finding funding to cover rent and allow them to fully focus on the vision of increasing sustainability. 

“Our vision is to use the land to grow enough food to feed our big family and also for commercial crops," say Margaret Mponda, Founder of Children of Destiny."

 Margaret Walking through the land the foundation hopes to buy

Margaret Walking through the land the foundation hopes to buy

The Foundation plans to grow trees and crops on the new land to feed the children as well as sell the produce. The foundation currently maintains livestock, including cows, pigs, chickens and goats as well as fish pond. The difference, Margaret feels, will be the ability to grow over time in the security of knowing they own the land.



About Children of destiny

The Children of Destiny Foundation is home to twenty-six children in the town of Moshi, Tanzania. It is a safe haven for all of these children, who have been orphaned as a result of the HIV/AIDS epidemic or who were simply in need of rescue from abuse.

Margaret Mponda is the Founder and “mother” to these children. Her journey began when a neighbor dropped two AIDS orphans at her Moshi doorstep.

 Margaret Mponda

Margaret Mponda

“What inspires me is the change that has taken place in these children because I know where they came from. I love to hear about their dreams, and they have big dreams,” says Margaret Mponda, Founder of Children of Destiny Foundation.

Margaret, who at the time was a single, working young woman, knew that this was not just her destiny but a much wider calling. Coming from a strong family with a mother who demonstrated that real love was always available despite lack of food or material possessions, Margaret followed her heart. Her passion had always been to work with underprivileged, poorly nourished street children.

Relaying on her own salary initially, Margaret visited widows, bought street children lunch during her breaks from work and sat with them hearing their stories. In 2005 she started working with street children full time, realizing their need, not just for a home but also love, care and parenting.

"I wanted to raise them to realize they have a destiny and something to offer the world. That they are destined to be great and to be world changers," says Margaret.

Soon, with so many mouths to feed and additional needs to fill, Margaret created the Children of Destiny Foundation to provide financial support for the orphanage and to enable staff and volunteers to help care for the children.

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