Cherehani Africa



Location: Siaya County, Kenya
Key(s): Economic Empowerment

Cherehani Africa is a social enterprise that pursues financial inclusion through asset financing of sewing machines and provision of business loans to asset-less but skilled women in emerging and under-served markets. The women they attract in the initiative hardly possess any documented financial history or assets, therefore they largely use their demonstration of tailoring skills as a pre-qualification for business support.

Their vision has inspired the alignment of our work to the 5 ‘Cherehani’ Pillars:
1. Financial Inclusion
2. Quality Education
3. Zero Hunger
4. Clean Energy
5. Water Footprint



Their work has seen development in economic security, decreased vulnerability, cushion for emergencies, improved livelihoods, financial independence, financial literacy, economic citizenship, and improved decision making.

Cherehani Africa customers have registered the following increased revenues:

  • 6% of the customers earn between $251USD-$300USD monthly

  • 11% of the customers earn between $201USD-$250USD monthly

  • 18% of the customers earn between $151USD – $200USD monthly

  • 52% of the customers earn between $101USD-$150USD monthly

  • 8% of the customers earn below $100USD monthly


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