Jiwo Paro



Location: Kenya
Key(s): Economic Empowerment

Jiwo Paro was founded in 2016, with the principal purpose to promote financial inclusion through training on basic employability skills, and provision of working tools or capital for creation and expansion of women and youth owned businesses. “Jiwo Paro”, which means “Let’s do it together,” uses vocational training and microfinance as a means of ending poverty, in rural and underserved regions. As of November 2017, Jiwo Paro has trained over 806 women and 400 youths and facilitated acquire tools of the trade or startup capital to enable them start their own small businesses. The organization has issued over 400 micro loans leveraging the technical skills gained during the vocational training as pre-qualification for lending, which has enabled those who were previously excluded from the formal banking sector to access financial services.

Mission: To enable rural Kenyan women and youth to achieve economic independence.

Vision: To build resilient communities of youthful business leaders,

Awards & Recognitions


Attended a Startup Collaborator Event by Enpact in Berlin
Won the Pitch Contest

Dancan Onyango, co-founder of Jiwo Paro, awarded the prestigious Diversity Leadership Fellowship for 2018/19 at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College


In identifying me as a change maker, Rockflower has shown me that I can continue to believe that I am part of an emerging world community, whereby my actions contribute to building good and sustainable community practices. I am perfectly aware of the world beyond me. In distinguishing myself from the rest, I have learned to respect diverse values and practices. I am eager to shift my paradigm in solving world issues. Furthermore, I acknowledge that it is by working collectively to tackle issues that I can live to see many of the ideals I strive for in my community.
— Dancan Onyango, Co-Founder of Jiwo Paro

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