Women Advocacy Project



Location: Harare, Zimbabwe
Key(s): Maternal and Reproductive Health, Education

Women Advocacy Project (WAP) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization for women’s empowerment formed in 2011. WAP was created by a group of women from different communities of Harare in response to the inadequate attention given to the issues affecting women and girls. The organization is committed to promoting and protecting the rights of vulnerable and marginalized women and girls in communities through holding advocacy campaigns and lobbying for the rights of voiceless women and girls. WAP also seeks to promote women’s socio-economic rights through the implementation of economic empowerment projects. Their main areas of activity are in the development of human rights, leadership, gender, HIV/AIDS awareness, capacity building, lobbying and advocacy, with the end goal of economic empowerment for the women in their communities.

Mission: Fulfill our mandate through holding advocacy campaigns on women human rights, provide training and leadership capacity building workshops and facilitating economic empowerment for disadvantaged and marginalized women and girls in Zimbabwe

Vision: A society where women and girls realize, enhance and maximize their social, cultural, economic and political potential as citizens of Zimbabwe.



Organized and participated in three successful campaigns advocating for the elimination of child marriage in Zimbabwe and informing the community about the negative effects of child marriage on impacted victims.

Trained five intelligent, tough-minded girls to serve as “Ambassadors Against Child Marriage.”

Launched an economic empowerment project in order to enable women to gain confidence through engaging in income generating projects that will help them sustain their households, send their children to school, and reduce the prevalence of forced child marriage.

Held a training seminar, “Stand Up, Speak Out,” with Girls Not Brides (GNB) to understand the needs of young women and girls affected by child marriage in Zimbabwe.


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