Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment



Location: Liberia
Key(s): Access to Food and Water

Foundation for Women and Children Empowerment (FOWACE Inc.) is a women and children-centered organization established to provide lifesaving and empowerment programs for marginalized and vulnerable women and children in rural Liberia. The organization was established in January, 2017 and subsequently registered and accredited with the Government of Liberia in July, 2017 as a community based non-governmental and non-profit making organization. FOWACE Inc. provides life skills, child rights awareness, job training, girl and women empowerment, nutrition, counselling, community education and family business support programs to poor, orphaned, vulnerable and disadvantage rural women and children in Liberia, West Africa. FOWACE programs are directed at providing the tools and skills women and children need to Heal, Grow and Thrive. Since the establishment of the organization, it has been proactively providing services for the most severely Ebola affected widows and orphans.