Footsteps Africa



Location: Malawi
Key(s): Economic Empowerment

Footsteps Africa was founded in 2012 to work at the frontier of poverty and gender inequality in order to promote women’s livelihoods and health, rural youth employment readiness, and marginalized children’s improved access to education. This approach was taken after noting that the three population groups are the most marginalized and contribute to inter-generational poverty in rural communities in Malawi.

Mission: To work at the intersection of poverty and gender and build the livelihoods capabilities and opportunities of rural poor women, children and adolescent Youth while working with the civil society sector to promote accountable institutions in Malawi.

Vision: Prosperous rural women, children and youth with capacity to claim fulfillment of their social and economic rights.


In the past years, Footsteps Africa have:

Implemented low-cost WASH projects.

Manually drilled 30 boreholes that served rural marginalized families.

Trained rural youth in income generation through fabrication of the Rope Hand-Pump.

Reached out to 786 women with pass-book based Village Savings and lending.

Trained SGs groups in production and marketing of fuel-efficient cook stoves.


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