Weaving and Dyeing Project

Rockflower Commitment: Rockflower is partnering with the Association Burkinabé des Femmes Battantes (ABFB) over the next 12 months to install a weaving/dyeing loom in Godin village.
Location: Burkina Faso 

Project background

The project will last 12 months and include the installation of a weaving/dyeing loom in Godin village, which will serve 30 women and their households. 

This economic development project will be implemented in Godin through the following stages: 

  1. Constructing a hangar to house the unit. 

  2. Equipping the hangar with weaving and dyeing materials.

  3. Training beneficiaries in weaving and dyeing techniques

  4. Follow-up support of the beneficiaries after implementation

The project will allow the women to support their families in the short-term and a larger network of businesses in the future.

ABOUT THE Association Burkinabé des Femmes Battantes (ABFB)

The Association Burkinabé des Femmes Battantes (ABFB) was created in 2008 by a group of women who recognized a common desire to fight for the development of women. The organization now has 300 members, based in Ouagadougou with five auxiliary groups. The organization has 812 beneficiaries, with programs to produce and process shea butter, chicken farming, weaving and dyeing, education on hygiene and sanitation, fighting HIV, and the promotion of human rights with special emphasis on the rights of women and children. They have received support from the ZWO Foundation, The Support Fund for Women’s Rights, The NASF Foundation and the Permanent Secretary of the National Council to Fight HIV/AIDS.  


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